October is Ron’s Pets Greenies Dental Month

As from the 1st of October it is officially Greenies Dental month at Ron’s Pet Supplies….

We will be giving away a months supply of Greenies Dental Chews once a week for the whole of the month, all you will need to do is answer 1 simple question correctly on our Facebook page to be in for a chance of winning this fabulous prize. We are also giving away a free Greenie for your dog by bringing in the advert below to the shop or market stall. If your not lucky enough to be one of our winners we are running some great deals on Greenies Throughout October

Greenies are the #1 Vet recommended Dental Chew and has the approval of the Veterinary Oral Health Council due to its Tartar and Plaque control qualities. Greenies can be feed to all dogs over the age of 6 months and over 2kg to give your dog 80% healthier gums, 60% Less Tarter, 45% Fresher Breath and 32% Less Plaque.

These all natural healthy chews are not just shaped as a tooth brush for its looks but each part of the Greenie does a specific task in the dogs mouth, which probably makes it the cleverest dog chew on the market.

Although these chews are healthy and low in calories ( eg: 1 x Regular Greenies = 87kcal ) you must remember to reduce the amount of normal feed you give your dog in a day to ensure your dog does not put on extra weight. We have a great example of how much food you need to remove from your dogs daily requirements in the shop.


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