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Simple Solutions Stain & Odour Remover

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Your pet will not revisit the same spot.

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Simple Solution Stain and Odour Remover

Simple Solution Stain and Odour Remover works through a unique beneficial bacterial enzyme formulation that actually speeds up the natural biodegradation process. When applied to a problem area, the product’s natural biologically active ingredients go to work to permanently remove stains and odours.

Simple Solution is also simple to use–no mixing required. Amazingly, it works on old and new problems. And, because it removes the source of the odour as well as the scent, it aids in housebreaking–your pet will not revisit the same spot.

Removes stains and odors caused by urine, vomit, feces, blood, mildew and other organic sources on carpets, upholstery, draperies, clothing, pet bedding, floors, crates, and other water-safe surfaces.

Works in carpet cleaning machines too.

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