Standard Terms & Conditions of Competitions Entries


These standard terms and conditions are subject to any other terms and conditions provided to you or to which you are referred at the time of entering the competition. IN STORE COMPETITIONS: STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS Competition details form part of these terms and conditions. Entry is open to residents of the UK except employees (and […]

Domestic Rabbit Care Sheet


Domestic Rabbit Care Sheet INTRODUCTION It is believed that Rabbits were first domesticated over 1400 years ago in Southern France. Since then we have studied these beautiful, sweet fluffy creatures, and we now understand their wants and needs. Rabbits are understandably active animals and they need a lot of space to be able to exercise […]

Choosing the right food for your Dog


Choosing the right food for your dog can be the hardest thing for its new owner and indeed for present owners, with new dog foods coming onto the market all claiming one thing or another that makes it better than your current food. Searching through the internet can be just as confusing, as you can […]

Help your overweight dog lose weight.


Help your overweight dog lose weight. Get your dog weighed for FREE and Join our weight loss programme Today, dogs are fatter than ever! It is estimated that 40% of our faithful friends are either overweight or obese. So are we killing our dogs with kindness? It’s a well known fact that obesity can contribute […]

Reptile Impaction


IMPACTION of the gut in reptiles can not only be a costly process for its owner it can also lead to the reptiles death.   WHAT IS IMPACTION? Impaction is a term given when a reptile eats too much substrate or material that it blocks the intestine, preventing the natural process of digesting food. Unless this […]

Socialising Your Puppy


We are all still learning so much about the development process of our dogs, but we do know plenty to help us to enable our puppies to become well rounded, confident adult dogs. We all tend to call this process ‘Socialisation’ but infact there is more to it than just introducing your dog to whole […]

Wet or Dry Dog Food?


The question is should you feed your trusted friend  wet or dry dog food? ………  We look at the pros and cons. When it comes down to convenience and affordability then dry dog food must win. Dry food is less messy and easier to measure out, it can sit in the bowl all day without […]