Choosing the right food for your Dog

Choosing the right food for your dog can be the hardest thing for its new owner and indeed for present owners, with new dog foods coming onto the market all claiming one thing or another that makes it better than your current food. Searching through the internet can be just as confusing, as you can find so many different opinions, marketing claims and blurb. There are also many forums with people giving their own personal opinions. It’s just mind blowing.image

Whilst working in the pet industry for over 25 years I have seen dog foods come and go. I have listened to both our customers needs, and their pets needs, the scale of diversity is massive, from customers telling me that they are physically sick when they open a can of cat food because of the smell, (but they still do it as their cat won’t eat dry food) to my dog is just bored of the flavour of its food and has stopped eating. Can I recommend something it will like? ……. So how do you satisfy all these differences?

There are several factors to consider before deciding
* What breed of dog is it?
* How active is my pet going to be?
* Has my pet got any known allergies?
* Do I want to feed a wet or dry food?
* How much is it going to cost?

What Breed Of Dog?

When you picked your dog out hopefully you realised what size of dog it would be, small, medium, large or giant you also should of known whether your dog would be exercise hungry or not. These two factors alone will have an impact on your decision on what food you should feed as all these combinations have different requirements.

How Active is my dog going to be?

Just because you decided on a big dog it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be an active dog, some large breeds are just plodders with short bursts of energy and others are full of stamina and will run or work all day long. This also goes for all other size breeds. The more active your dog is the more energy it will need to replace.

Has my dog got any known allergies?

If you know your dog has any particular allergies these problems can sometimes be cleared by a simple diet change as can some minor medical conditions. I personally have seen some fantastic results from diet change. Please be aware though that this may not always be the answer to your dogs problem so I would always talk to a pet professional before changing any dogs diet, as a sudden diet change can have its own problems.

Do I want to feed a wet or dry food?

There are pros and cons for feeding wet or dry food and we have a put a blog on our website all about this, please read this by following this link…. ‎
How much is it going to cost?

This can be a huge factor in what you will feed your dog and I feel this should be looked into in depth…. With so many dog foods such as premium, super premium, grain free, raw, tinned and cold pressed on the market it can be a daunting task to pick the right one. Just because you see a 12kg bag of dog food on the shelves for £70 + pounds it doesn’t necessarily mean that bag of food is going to be the most expensive way to feed your dog it also doesn’t mean it’s the best food in the shop either.
So be wise, give the pet supermarkets a wide birth and seek advise from an independent pet retailer you can trust, they will always give you the best unbiased advise on the particular requirements you and your dog need. I say you as this can be just as important to your needs and lifestyle as it can be for your dogs.
When seeking advise be honest with yourself and do the best you can afford for your dog.



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